This site promotes entertainment in Addis Abeba, capital city of the cultural heartbeat that is Ethiopia.

The main aim is live music, but if you have something going on or want to tell others about something.. just send a note to "listings[at]thisisaddis[dot]com" - substitute @ for [at] and . for [dot].

Itís free, so take it up, also email us to make any corrections to the listings or other entries (with your name and phone number). We wonít include everything, but we can move fast to list whatís hotíníhappning. No guarantees about accuracy either, so donít blame us...

What's new: See below, don't miss D&A - Designers and Artisans Bazaar this weekend.

Our Pick:
Music/live: Kenny Allen's new band the 251 live at Harlem Jazz from this Friday (11pm), Addis Woubet concert with top jazz sounds of Addis Acoustic Renaissance band, Circus Ethiopia and Mahari Brothers at Alliance tomorrow afternoon (Sat). See What's Coming Up and for clubs and other listings Weekly Round Up.

Film: French films to celebrate women every Tuesday at Alliance - see What's Coming Up. Ethiopian movies all over town, latest Hollywood and some Ethiopian film at Matti Cinema, Edna Mall. Ethiopian movies at Alem. See Film page.

Art: One month art festival at Asni Art Village, see Art page.

Drama: No listings, but if there are, check What's Coming Up.

Children: No listings, but if there are, they will be on What's Coming Up.


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